• 1 year ago

When I was a senior in High school, I caught Senior-itis really bad. For reasons I won’t discuss. As a result, my grades were not the best. There was this English class I had that year. The teacher was an asshole. But he was a funny asshole if that makes a difference. Still an asshole, but he could have been way worse. I digress, he assumes I’m an idiot because I half ass everything and barely do any of my work. And he would deliberately set me up for failure in front of the class because of that. I guess he figured shaming me would work. Little did he know my family is famous for guilt trips and the like. Shit did not faze me. I’d be like, “nah” or “pass” or “I’m sorry the number you have dialed is no longer in service, please hang up and dial again” I literally had no fucks to give that year. My only goal was to have fun. But reality set in. I realized I needed to actually start doing my work. And it literally fell on me to Damn near ace my English final in order to graduate. Go fucking figure right? Anyways I did, and just barley. Like one less point and I wouldn’t have passed. But that’s not the real story. The real story is this. During the course of that year we read a book. It was called “1984” and I absolutely detested the book. The writing style, the premise, the events that take place. That book absolutely disinterested me. Dystopian places with no humor depress me so fuck that (Hehehe). My asshole teacher assigned us to read like 3 or 4 chapters one day. And then gave us a pop quiz the next morning. The first time he’s done that all year. It’s the third fucking quarter. You already know I didn’t read that shit. However it wasn’t a multiple choice pop quiz. It was a written pop quiz. We had to write an answer to a complex question that was answered/ alluded to over the course of the chapters we were assigned to the night prior. I was like ”fuuuuuuuuuuuuuck” in my head. But then I was like bet. Challenge accepted. So I threw up a Hail Mary. I tried to deconstruct the prompt and derive an ambiguous answer to the question that was asked In the hopes that in some way shape or form, I would hit the mark remotely enough to get a pass. He graded them that period while we read more of the book. I got mine back with no grade on it. Only a “See me after class” written boldly in red on the top. I was like great, here we go. I went to him after class like instructed, apparently I did have some fucks to give that year. He sat me down. Looked me straight in the face and said this: “I know you did not read the chapters I assigned you to. You’re answer is absolutely incorrect. And I suspected that would be the case when I saw your face after I said pop quiz” I was started to a degree by this, but ultimately hung in there with my false bravado and declared “Ok, then why even bother having this discussion with me just give me the F” He started laughing his ass off. But he quickly collected himself. He said “Because, I want to talk to. I want to talk to you about why I’m not going to give you an F.” Puzzled I asked, “what are you talking about?” He responded with “ I’m not going to fail you. And the reason is because I cannot bring it upon myself to fail this piece of writing. While you absolutely have no idea what it is that you’re talking about, you were still able to make a cohesive argument that was brilliantly articulated. It’s immaculate. There is not a single error in your grammar or wording. And honestly I never thought you were capable of this. This is college level writing. Hell, this is a college graduates writing. If I were to have only graded this test on skillful writing, you would have been the only person to have passed this quiz” I was absolutely shocked. Like I knew I had put some elbow grease and wishful thinking into that paper, but I never expected to get complemented for writing about something I had absolutely no knowledge about. I figured he was just gonna chew me out. But it was a pleasant surprise, and after that we had a deeper discussion as to why I was doing what I was doing and he got it. And was like you’re still stupid but I get it. And he was less of an asshole towards me for the remainder of the year. I love to read, I love to write (if that wasn’t obvious) but I don’t like be constricted, I’m a creative thinker/writer. I need to be able to read and write as I choose without boundaries. Without guidelines if you will. Well that’s all for that throwback. There is another story I will tell another time about another teacher with one of my papers. But until then, stay safe and be well, thanks for reading!