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I’m an adult who’s late to the party but found a pretty cool guy that’s willing to take it easy with me. Ever since we both expressed wanting to have sex I’ve been having intense orgasms thinking about it. This is going to be fun!!

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  • That’s cool!

    There a girl I like a lot, I dont want to seem distant to her, we arent anything yet and while I think she likes me, I like her a lot, I think she’s beautiful and she turns me on without a doubt, I would want to go easy with her and it really is not about one thing with me. It’s best that way. Like I said, its not about that, but she really turns me on, thats kind of an involutary thing, so things kind of… rise. Im not going to object to things happening hands going places, but I want more. Things get better when you go slow it takes patience though too. That combined with a natural real life introduction, not internet related… best way things could happen. Old school. Which is why I try to let her know every once in a while I’m not up to no good. Even at the risk of people seeing it and flack going her way over things I would trust her, I really dont think sshe would intentionally hurt me and with me the way I am, single, working, not much else, it’s choice. Thats life. I dont do things just to do them. I knoww I sometimes talk as if I like myself and I do, I don’t think I’m perfect in any way, I dont think liking yourself is unhealthy. A person should, the problem is when you don’t but not in a narcissistic way but I’m not out doing everything in town. That’s choice, but I actually think she gets me, what little she knows.

    I want her to know, it’s cooL. I’m working. That’s what I do and I don’t forget her. I’m too tired of b.s. to be out looking for more.

    But yeah. Slow is good

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