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To: When I was 19, my friends used to make fun of me for not having sex at all since losing my virginity.
Me: Great confession, well thought out and consistent throughout, great reading.
Simple solution: You need to go and see your doctor and have him put you on anti depression tablets, they take about 3 weeks to get into your system and to start to take effect.
When you are settled, balanced and your emotions are no longer an issue, take stock and remove all of the negative issues, keep only the positive issues and move forward to a new and positive life…
Sex: It takes some time for a woman to be ready for sex.
You need to be masturbated, or at least felt up, to get your body juices flowing (or you need to use a lubricant, a cheap and easy to get one, is Petroleum Jelly) and your cunt relaxed enough, to take a male’s penis, otherwise it is going to hurt the hell out of you and you are probably going to be bruised inside as well, afterwards.
Any guy who fucks you, like you are a hole and nothing more, is a Shit Head, irrespective of their colour and they have no feelings for, or appreciation of, women and they don’t deserve the opportunity to fuck anyone, let alone you. I feel for you.
If you are not ready, even if you consented to sex, that is very much the same as rape and if you were under 18 when any of these sexual acts took place, then you were a Minor and you could not consent to sex and they did not have the legal right to fuck you and you can report them to the Police for rape, even years after the event, because of the emotional suffering they have caused you then and since, so that you now feel the way you do. (You might get a payment for the emotional and physical pain you suffered since)
As a minor, younger than 18, you cannot consent to sex, because Legally speaking “You don’t have the maturity to understand what you are doing or what the emotional impact will be on you before you turn 18”
From 18 you are considered to be an adult and able to consent and know what you are doing, like lots of 18 year old Porn Stars do.
You won’t get into trouble for reporting any of the above (parents – I don’t know them).
If the shit head fucks you and rolls over and goes to sleep, leaving you like a piece of shit, that is not sex, or any appreciation of you being a female, or dealing with your needs afterwards, that is a whole different ball game and if you don’t know what to do, or how, ask me here and I’ll explain fully, so that all sex for you in future, is a 2 way street and loving, as in fact it should be.
Getting off anti depressant tablets: You have to reduce the dosage by 1/4 of a tablet, every week, until you have stopped taking them altogether.
This can take weeks or months.
If you feel weird, while reducing the doseage, go back on full strength for a few weeks, before you try again.
You cannot go Cold Turkey, because you will fuck up your mind and you might even suicide – this is the only way, if however, you enjoy the security, comfort and emotional release they give you, then there is really no reason why you can’t stay on them.
Seeing a Therapist is a complete and utter waste of time and money – so far as I am concerned.
If you read my reply and want more feedback or assistance from me here on in, you have only to ask, I am here for you.
Best Wishes……..

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