• 6 months ago

To: i finally snapped and it felt so good i’m going to live life until 18 (i think).
Me: 18 what – not years for Christ’s sake!!
You need to go and see your doctor immediately and have him put you on anti depressant tablets and you also need to explain your current feelings to him and why you feel the way you do.
You won life’s lottery by being born at all.
You had a billion to 1 chance that it would be you.
You could live until your 70’s or 80’s at least.
18 is absolutely nothing.
If you were my kid, out of love for you, I would put you over my knee and spank your bottom as often as I must, to get some sense into you.
Killing yourself and leaving your parents and the people who love you, behind, questioning why you killed yourself and wondering what they did wrong, is the cruelist thing a child can do to its parents and relatives and you must never consider that option.
Best Wishes……..

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