• 6 months ago

To: I’m disappointed with my girlfriend….I don’t know how to communicate with her as time goes by.
Me: Tell her you want to have a time out period every week, or month, with her, where you can both discuss issues that are causing concern or problems for you, or for her and you want to get them out in the open, in a non critical way.
You are not attacking her and whatever she might say about you, is not attacking you and be adult enough, both of you, to be honest enough, to sit down and talk through the difficult things, because she can’t possibly know what you are thinking, any more than you can know what she is thinking.
If you sort out issues as they arise, you will strengthen your relationship and hopefully make it work.
The thing about relationships is, once the “Honeymoon Stage” is over, then you have to both work together to make it work, anything worth having, rarely comes easy.
Best Wishes…………

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