• 6 months ago

To: I’ve been in a relationship for 6 years, but I’ve always loved and missed my first love. I’m really afraid I always will.
Me: There was one girl who I had a sexual relationship with years ago, her name was Catherine and she was a not practicing, Catholic, who I had the best sex with ever, bar none and I would have married her in an instant, if we had not been so disimilar to each other and with time, it ended.
She used to say she was so mean she could hear a $5 note hit the pavement, but Scottish you know, a lot like the Dutch, I guess.
I have never forgotten her and I never will, although I’ve had many relationships since, none of them were even half way as good as the relationship I had with her and now I think, I’ve had the best that love and life can give me and I am sooo fortunate for that alone.
Thankyou Catherine, I miss you sooo much – I own my own home too now!!
I won’t ever forget her – but life goes on and so do we and if I must kid myself and say I love you to someone else, then that is the price I pay for company and continuity of not ever being alone — same as you.
Best Wishes………..

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