• 6 months ago

To: I’ve never kissed anybody, and I really want to get it over with but I dont know how or when. I’m in my later years of high school but i just want to feel it then get it over with which is a horrible way to feel about a first kiss
Me: Kissing is really easy, you just keep your mouth closed and touch your lips on the other persons lips and that’s kissing.
However, for a really erotic kiss, when you feel confident with the person you are with and want to go much further, open your mouth and your teeth and get them to do the same (no biting) and then put your tongue in their mouth and feel around inside their mouth with your tongue and them to you, sort of intertwine your tongues together at the same time.
The feeling will probably feel like your hair is standing up (on your head) and it is really addictive and you can tongue kiss for a long time, but you must breathe through your nose, at the same time and you can get even deeper in, by holding the other persons head, while you are tongue kissing them – with the right person, it is awesome, especially from the first time ever.
Best Wishes…….

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