• 8 months ago

To: What does it mean to be happy?
Me: you have answered yourself, in the interesting and educated text which you wrote and was totally enjoyable for me to read.
Question: What does your wife do when you are doing everything else?
We only have one life and we are a long time dead and then it is too late to make change, whether that disrupts your relationship with your wife or not.
The biggest problem to consider is the wealth which you have accumulated together and what the split would be, if ever you found yourself in that position and vice versa, this woman who you have feelings for.
Would you have to support your wife from your income, if for some reason you split, in maintenance costs, on top of everything else?
It seems the best thing for both of you, is to continue your repective marriages and meet occasionally, where neither of you will be recognised, hire a room for a few hours or the night and do whatever you need to do, to fulfil your needs, together, on a much more personal and intimate note and keep it that way.
Nothing ventured nothing gained and watch how you behave around you wife, so that you don’t appear to be very different from what she is comfortable with and has come to expect from you.
Women are very sensitive to change, so be prepared for that, if ever she asks you
Best Wishes……………

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