• 2 years ago

To: To: I was fucking my girlfriend pile driver style: How long was the turd. Me: Why buy a cow when you get the milk free and by the same token, he has the girl trained to agree to some pretty full on sex practices. Hw long do you think it would take to get another girl to agree to that level of sex, if any, for that matter. In any relationship, each person has to invest time and effort to make it work and it is never a wham, bam, thankyou mam, sort of thing, unless you paid for it and even then?
Also, if the word goes around about his sexual preferences, how many other young women would be queuing up to a fuck with him. Not many I’d say, but that depends if he was fucking her cunt with her legs over his shoulders, which is great for really penetrative sex, or some other way, I’m not too clear about.
Was me, I’d be wanting her back with me as quickly as possible, not being without her at all. Sex is sex and sometimes things happen, which just do. No big deal, if he does not make it one. Play it down, shrug it off, minimize the feelings she had to do a runner and overcome her rejection now with affection and love, via flowers and chocolate.
Best Wishes to all of you…………………….