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To: Long story short, my husband does not have a functioning penis. Me: I love your fantasy. Pity you live on the other side of the world to me. I’m a white male and very experienced in the sexual ways of women. Not only would I penetrate you, but before I did so, I’d make you orgasm, over and over again for upwards of 3 hours and about 100 orgasms, just to find out if you are a groaner or a screamer, when you lose control of your body in total intense pleasure and after you passed out and slept, when you awoke, I’d cuddle you from behind and gently, stroke the fine hairs on your back, to find sensitive spots (and concentrate on those) to have you orgasm again and again, from the top of your neck down to your feet, slowly, until all I have to do is touch your ear, nose, or any part of your naked body with my finger, for you to orgasm uncontrollably again and again and when you put clothing on, the touch of the clothing on your skin, would make you orgasm uncontrollably, again and again and the feeling would not wear off for several hours afterwards. Think I’m joking? I assure you I am not. Have I done it with women. Yes!! Do I love doing it – Yes I do and it can be very addictive for a woman, to get that aroused, which is why I only do it once a week. A woman I did it with, nagged me constantly to have me do it to her again, a few days later, which I eventually did and then she started to feel like she was getting a heart attack, so I took her into hospital and they did an ECG and discovered all of her chest muscles were stretched and they asked her what she had been doing, but she was too embarrassed to say – but then she was a nymphomaniac and used to brag about putting men in hospital, until I reminded her that I had put her in hospital for the same thing, too. Is this possible for you or anyone else reading my post here. Yes and I have explained fully in past posts how to do this, so all you have to do is look through my past posts : a truth, to discover a lot of information, you probably, in life, won’t ever discover about yourself, if you are female, ever, any other way. Forget Masters & Johnson. Duh!!.
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