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I looked at porn this weekend. No big deal to most but its a behavior that I’m trying to overcome. No judgment on others but for me its an addiction and a deep source of shame. I’ve been thru programs and exerted willpower with some success but I’m still not in the clear. Hiding it and keeping the secret suppressed is a part of the cycle so here is my confession. I’ll get up and start again.

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  • Hahahahahhah… I also have that similar problem, except with masturbation. It normally happens when I’m tired or frustrated before I govto sleep, and I can’t sleep during those times. What I do is to tighten my knickers enough to feel the friction then imagine myself being as those masochistic females I read on BDSM one-shots in wattpad then after few hits I’ve leaked and am now tired then dozed off. Its unhealthy and impure I admit and had become this habitual sin I carry around. I tried to lay it off really and had almost been clean for 2 months thanks to my heart falling to this guy I thought was pure and is looking for a pure girl. I tried to return to the way I was before I entered my shit hell years but after we did it, I returned back to my spiritually destructive ways… I’m still having a hard time getting out of it. So good luck to the both of us in getting out of our personal spiritual graves!

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