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To: I’ve been working part time at a library for almost five months on Wednesdays and Fridays. Me There is a big gap, as you rightly pointed out, between your age and his – 17 years and he will be looking at you with just that age gap in mind, because any man worth his salt would want to have sex with someone your age, because you are 18 and barely legal and he can fuck you without ending up in prison for child sex and being a Pedophile for life. I’m an oldie, your mother was a twinkle in her mother’s eye and I would have been around to see it and I have tons of experience when it comes to sex between men and women, as you would discover, if you read my past posts, where I have been trying to pass over my skills to those who want to learn more about themselves. The thing is, you see, he will be much more grounded in his thinking to you and where he is in life while you really don’t have any idea, probably, what you want out of life or what your future holds for you and that is your appeal to a much older man. You are as fresh as a Daisy and attractive and innocent and from my perspective, you should avoid him like the plague, block him form texting ot ringing you and go and buy your sandwiches from a different shop and don’t whatever you do, form a relationship with him, because you don’t have enough maturity to know what his long term plans for you could be and you really don’t want to end up with the possibility of him becoming your pimp and living off you from the John’s you fuck and give the money to him. You could easily become a valuable commodity, because of your age and freshness to any much older man. He works in the sandwich shop, so he does not earn much income, which would indicate to me that he probably does not have much of a life, except hand to mouth and that is no life for a young girl like you. I would suggest, if you live at home, that you speak to your parents about this contact and seek their advice and make sure that they know what is going on. Whatever you do, please, please, don’t try to handle this on your own. If you were my daughter, I would be very concerned about your ongoing health and welfare. It is much better if you mix with people your own age and take things slowly and fall in love with someone your own age and have a good life together than fast forward it, irrespective of going out with an older man, or not – because you would jump all of the formative years when you discover who you are and everything wonderful out of life and for the sake of example, be an 18 year old going on 35, which is never a good place to be. My female partner married 2 men, one after the other who were much older than her and she has no idea what life is like as a teenager or in her early 20’s because she never had the experience in life and she had nothing to assist her when she found herself alone and single and without any financial understanding or savings, because old men die before younger women and her husband died of one of the most horrid diseases possible for which there is no cure. I am 6 months younger than her and financially secure, so I was able to pay off her debts and give her a great lifestyle, but people like me are few and far between and you are far too young now to appreciate how terrible life can be, if you don’t have the maturity and understanding of how vulnerable you could be now. I can say I love you, although we’ve never met. What does that mean. Absolutely nothing, because it’s just words and words in themselves mean absolutely nothing, so don’t believe anything you hear or what he says, he is trying to manipulate you into his bed and into his life and under his control. I live on the other side of the world to you and we won’t ever meet, yet as a parent, once, I have great concerns for you and in the position you might find yourself now. Anytime you want a friend you can talk to me here and I’ve got your back baby. OK. Oh, I’m a male too.
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