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To: I’m so fucking tired of everyone and everything. Me: you are going through one of life’s bad spots, but it will get better, I assure you. With regards to your working conditions, look at my post, below, about templates and how to apply them to make you a better person and to deal with your work environment. With bills, pay a little to each, is better than paying nothing at all and keeps the Creditors off your back for as long as possible. What you could do, with bills, is put them altogether, add them up, then get one loan to pay them all out from your Bank (hire purchase and Credit-Mastercards, as well) and that one loan should be less than what you have to pay for all at the same time, week by week or month by month – and for a longer period, so that it fits better into your income and expenditure and don’t go down that path again – don’t buy, what you can’t pay for in cash, from your income. Anxiety Medicine: Get a brown paper bag and whenever you feel anxiety coming on, suck and blow into that brown paper bag – it works. The other reason you are feeling anxiety is because you are breathing shallowly and this causes your body to panic and you get an attack. When you have an anxiety attack coming on, breathe deeply through your mouth and get as much oxygen into your lungs and body and blood stream, in and out and you will find that you won’t get the attack and everything will reset itself to normal again, quickly and easily. The other thing, is. don’t think about what could happen, but rarely does – only think about the here and now and deal with that on a minute by minute timespan. Deal with the here and now and let everything else take care of itself. You will reduce your anxiety and enrich your life in a positive way – as I have done, many times in the past. Don’t sit on the fence, or hesitate to make a decision. It does not matter if it was a right or a wrong decision, it all comes out in the wash in a positive way and you drive luck to you and luck always makes good things happen for you.
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