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everyone be sucking western countries’ d*cks. it has been four months of violent protests by ignorant terrorists who should be returning to school, since they are largely unaware of their own history and most glaringly, they’re ignorant of current world events. is everyone going to pretend not to notice that china has not even called its army to control the situation in all these four months? lol. if this had happened in the usa, their cops would be shooting innocents within 2 seconds. btw, i’m also sick of the usa constantly whining about how russia has sabotaged its elections in 2016, trying to justify that’s the reason trump is in office. trust the americans to be so pig-headed and full of themselves to think that it’s impossible for the majority of their own people to someone disgusting like trump to be president. please. take responsibility for yourselves. admit that you have more nasty, racist and imbecile people in your country, and that’s the only reason why trump is in office. it is exactly just like what brexit has shown all of us. you all act as if you’re so much bigger and better than china, when the truth is far from what you believe. forget obama, he wasn’t your excuse that america is progressive. when he was campaigning, just how many times he had to reiterate that he’s not “full-black” and actually “half-black”, that he had a white mother? why did he have to constantly remind people that? it shouldn’t even be an issue, but he did it, because america – your people are racist. and you refuse to believe that you’re exactly that. forever trying to lord over everyone, dastardly racist, and is completely unable to handle the fact that you are a waning world power.

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