• 8 months ago

Girl, believe me

They stole my flower nectar

He promised to be my One true love

That’s how my search started

They plucked me from the garden of beauties

Once my valuable nectar was dried out

Immediately he found a fresly bloomed flower to pick and remove from the garden of beauties as well

Girl, believed me

It’s your light and value what they don’t want you to know

For every man you only lose more

Not a single flower is good enough for a person that plucks a beauty from their idyllic garden

He’ll wait for next spring to prey again

There is not enough to please him, forget it

Please your sense of value and keep it guarded till a man is suited to afford such highness

Girl, be a Queen and don’t let any man take that position from you, don’t let anyone turn your value to that of a maid or a servant. Find a King that deserves a Queen.

Believe me.

Simply Confess