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To: Corvallus.

Re: Wanna know why you’re getting so much hate? Because you:

– Treat your friends like shit.
– Are annoying.
– Are cancerous.
– A pedophile.
– Date thots.
– Gloat.
– Solicit nudes.
– Sexually harass people.
– Commit a lot of felonies.
– Are extremely controversial.
– Fake being/aren’t bisexual/pansexual.
– Have a girlfriend (you even said it yourself).
– Rape women (sometimes in closets).
– Abuse and assault women sexually, physically, verbally, emotionally and mentally.
– Are an asshole.
– Are sassy.
– Play victim.
– Lie.
– Manipulate.
– Are ugly.
– Are extremely nightmarish.
– Have a small soft packing peanut cock.
– Cry every-time a girl blocks you.
– Everyone hates you including your own friends and family.
– And many more things to be exposed about you probably.

That is why you are getting so much hate, and quite frankly you deserve it for all that shit you did. You are an awful human being.

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