• 8 months ago

To: My first time was disappointing. Me: Most times, when a girl has sex with a man, she won’t cum, because sex is really a man thing and to create babies to prolong his line, through you. Until quite recently, it was thought that women did not get any pleasure from sex, because they were not equipped that way. Now, of course, some of us know, that is not true. Quite the reverse in fact.
You have 2 choices, either you lay there and take it like a sack of potatoes, or you can educate each man you have sex with, on how to turn you on, get your love juices flowing and when you are ready to accept him, so that you both have a bloody good fuck and you both reach orgasm at just the right time, so you get your rocks off, same as him.
Like all skills, they have to be learned with practice and someone has to be teacher and someone has to be student and as you have discovered, how many times a man has had sex, means nothing, to a woman, if he has learned nothing from his previous experiences…….Best Wishes……………Pity I never got to show you what you are really capable of….100 orgasms, one after the other and high as a kite sexually and that’s just to begin with………smile……..The To:Guy.

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