• 8 months ago

May I ask a favor of you please? I would really appreciate you’re not communicating with my family anymore please block them and please do stop doing things to remind me that you’re still there because even though I’m sure you intend it to be malicious it has the opposite effect and that’s not obviously Something that you want. I completely understand Not wanting any kind of contact but then if that’s how you feel then don’t perpetuate this that’s what prompted me actually to try to talk to you because Even though I tried to leave things alone and not bother you between my parents and Having the misfortune of winding up on the site obviously I see that it does and that makes me feel badly so I’m going to find somewhere else to go because I do need a place to vent so I don’t contact you but I’m asking you to please do your part and leave it alone as well which is not something that you have done either you’ve caused a lot of damage yourself you’ve made me not trust people either but apparently there’s just no way to resolve this so I’m just asking that you have the respect to leave it alone

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