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My bucket list
Scream at the top of lungs without having to explain myself πŸ™„
Pilot a helicopter
Visit ancient cities and sites around the world
Go to a Jay Park concert, know the dance and get called up on stage
Watch a Star Wars marathon outside on a giant screen
Play halo at a movie theater
Play Halo themed paintball
Swim with dolphins
Pet a tiger, and any other big cat
Learn to be a gunslinger
Know Japanese, Korean and Spanish
Experience a full package spa treatment
Spend a nice day alone at the beach
Look through the telescope at Caltech in Hawaii
Scuba dive
Rent a private island and host a party
Swim through a submerged city
Go to universal studios and Disney world
I’m sure there’s more but I’m tired

If you took the time to read my list thank you, also it was therapeutic to write. I was feeling sad, frustrated, and in kind of a midlife crisis feel. It helped me see that some of these are achievable which made my world feel a little bigger

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