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To: I found another lump two days ago. Me: you really need to have the lump looked at soonest and dealt with. I understand where you are coming from, but which do you think will matter to your husband most – you or his parents – Get real. You know how cancer works. It is a root system which penetrates through to your blood stream and then bits are broken off by your blood flow and sent throughout your body like seeds, which in turn take root and eventually take over your body and kill you. Cancer is the most horrid way for dying possible.
You already have a painful lump. You are looking at things from your point of view. If your husband loses you, a person he wants to grow old with, because you put your needs 2nd or 3rd he will lose out lose around and for what – you being silly?
While you were having treatment, he could take a few weeks off to see his aged parents and still be with you when it matters most, by iPhone, iPad or whatever, in our mobile world…..Best Wishes…………

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