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I have a growing urge. It’s like an itch just out of reach. When I see people going about their day my mind starts to ponder the ways I could take them. I spend hours day dreaming. I imagine the setting I would need, some kind of isolated cabin in the woods or at least a sound proffed room. As I imagine the things I want to do there’s a tingling sensation swelling in the deepest parts of me as if my soul is stirings.
I can picture myself collecting the supplies I would need and I see the room set up ready for the first one. She would be tall and thin, and she would have big brown eyes. Thats importants. The brown eye.
I’ll look into those brown eye as I make my first cut and I’ll be looking into them as I make my last one. I don’t know why I obsesively day dream about this stuff. It seems like I spend more and more time with it like it is consuming me. I sometime wonder if this is how it starts. Am I becoming a killer or is it normal? Do a lot of people have these thoughts?
I spent most of my teens in juvie for fights but I have never killed anyone.

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