• 11 months ago

To: I’m constantly being verbally abused, each and every day by my mentally ill mother and alcoholic father. Me: I was mentally and physically (smacked and beaten) abused by both of my parents. I practiced passive resistance, although it did not have a name then and I did what I wanted and nothing they could do or say changed me at all. Life is very precious, the biggest free gift you can get. Being alive is really a series of tests to see if you have what it takes to do something with your life and I believe that we are each judged on that, when we die and whether we go to a good place or a bad one and for eternity. I always wanted a tough life because you can’t take anything away with you when you die, if it is material, but you should be able to take the experiences of life which eventually form you to whoever you eventually become.
Like me, you have to endure one form of abuse, but not the other. Learn to not let anything that is said to you, affect how you behave or what you think and be your own person. It won’t be forever. As soon as you can leave home, do that and start over somewhere else, without your parents or their input into your life. Dying solves nothing and leaves people who love you and wanted the best for you, even if your parents don’t appear to, wondering if they could have done anything to save you – also you are the very beginning of your life and you have not lived for long enough to have achieved much, so whatever you do, don’t give up on your life, but keep fighting towards a better future for yourself and things will improve and you won’t regret it.

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