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the e-coli colleen has a too big a head for her body which looks angular and old like the love child of xodor from m&m mad has a hell as well. she always self appoints herself up and like so expert on everything and boasts and her sister was not pretty at all. colleen is not attractive and has a male shape and male face. all the tie dye and leather is ugly. she is just crazy. seeing cops and choppers after her etc. her song is that “somegruls do and somegrules don’t” well she is the one that does them all and then some with men and alcohol and also self admitted stealing seats at concerts from others not what I call class. see her shit on youtube all the raving on about usa politics and socialites. shame someone didnt bump her bulb… the swearing and drinking and molling she looks like a dyker- biker and hoon coon.

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  • colleen somgrouls (somegirls) youtube. please grow some. why would harry leave a younger woman for a rich old bitch like you? you say you have been married and you swear and drink and steal seats so how much different are you to meghan? well I will tell you! you swear on your commentary channel on youtube, does meghan swear on stage? no she does not. we don’t know if she swore in the carriage after her wedding and given that harry is so much younger then you what would he want to hang around you just because you shoot to kill your viewers and meghan? your mentally ill. Anyone who screams the way you over meghans photos and has to put a finger over her face is mentally sick. You have been married and you do not deserve a royal man. If ever harry was to leave meghan, which it might or might not happen, you are not even in the running of harry when I like girls like aristocracy english single women and commonwealth women, take Freddy My Love, and Fashion Mumblr and Lydia (who I think is married or they at least have boyfriends) and other single women who have never been married.

    I am younger then you and I don’t even want harry and I have not been married. I would marry a royal but I think you are too rude and old for harry and I just want to protect him from you. I want to protect his baby from you. For harry to get me he would have to change a lot and prove he loved me etc. and give me all the love I need. I am a single woman and I don’t need a gun or man to prove my worth like you do colleen. I don’t need a you-tube channel either to prove my worth because one thing I will give MM if nothing else: “A real confident woman knows she doesn’t need riches and beauty or youth or chasity or employment or skills or living independently to be worthy of love from any man!”

    I am not a huge fan of these young royals. My honest opinion is Harry looked great at Williams wedding but that is sort of how I like to remember them and not how they are so awful now.

    the absolute bile gall of you colleen over 50 who the hell do you think you are!

    you are not beautiful. your sister was not pretty, and your sister was not murdered and I doubt you come from a good family. with money like you show off, you come from mob money. I wish you were murdered . you don’t have skills or you would not be on youtube swearing. you not royal quality.

    a woman who does not indulge in sex and hard rock music like you or bad alcohol like you is not material for royalty. fuck off old grandma colleen!

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