• 2 years ago

Dumb confession/addiction of sorts: I have a need and very much enjoy digging, kicking, or pulling big rocks, weeds, bricks, small tree stumps, and whatever, out of the ground. Think it comes from hating to trip on things (which comes from growing up in a busy house and everyone leaving their shoes laying around, causing me to kick and trip over them until I’d put them away), but the feeling of removing a rock from the ground, setting it loose, and seeing the hole it made, is a thing with me. Not only in my own yard, but, other people’s, too.

A corner I pass every day has a large..Has to be deep and very big, rock on the corner where people turn. Cars and trucks run over it while turning, and cause tire tracks alongside of it. Every time it rains and the ground is softer, I so want to stop by with a pick and shovel, and rip that thing out of the ground. Would be so satisfying. Also been going to the patio of the sports bar I go to, and, on the way to the stairs, if I see a weed or milkweed growing, I rip it out. At home, I not only do that, but, throw the weeds onto my compost heap, then watch over a few days as they break down and turn to nothing. I don’t know why this is so strong with me, but, I do it whenever possible. Had trees taken out a few weeks ago, and the old landscaping stones were unearthed. It was like I was in heaven digging those things out and seeing the huge holes. Had to be 20 in there, and I dug out every one.

I know this is kind of weird, but I keep doing it. Have an need to pull rocks, weeds, bricks, whatever out of the ground so everything is flat and smooth.