• 1 year ago

Fucking middle East parents, always have a way to misguide their child to whatever way they want it to be, nip their dreams at the bud. Their Medical condition, society, status, competition, comparison, are the all fucked up shits to nicely threaten the children to be right in their parent’s chosen careers. And once the plan fails, the home interior feels like a mournful funeral. These people has only one legacy which is copying other successful people’s career and compell it to their own child no matter what the kids want to be, like ‘my car and I will decide where to go’. If the kids fails then the fucken courtroom melodrama starts and suddenly all parents becomes sick blaming their children as the reason of their stress. Those proud mother fuckers are always proud to be what they are doing to their child and will never be good for anything. I being one such child, feel like a complete failure and a free serviceman to fulfill parent’s will. I still am their wellwisher and have nobody or nothing else of my interest, are left in my life. I feel like a coward folower lacking courage to follow own dreams, lacking support and encouragement. God still bless these parents.

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