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I hate him from the core of my heart for what I went through and what I am going through.He promised so many things,he said he will always be with me,always take care of me,take care of my needs.But his promises were all false, everything was a lie just to get married to me.He isn’t the person he showed to me.His parents are even worse.My mom was so right everything you see are not gold.I thought they are different,they are going to take me as a daughter and beloved but I live like a maid.I am a just a free maid,I hate for even being born to these world.Right now I can’t even die but soon I will when there will be nobody I will care about.Everytime I question my existence when he broke his promises and when I remind him.He tend to remember nothing,only thing he does is get angry,tell and shout.Like I am in mess I want him to be messed

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