• 1 year ago

I’m a handsome young man with a family that really likes to hook up with well endowed men. I wouldn’t say I’m gay but i guess I am into erotic things? Idk…i love women they are beautiful sexy beings. But i get EXTREMELY turned on thinking about playing with big cocks. Since i have a family i haven’t really found a guy who I’d let fuck me with his cock since My place of living and surrounding areas are full of ugly men with small dicks. I’ve been seeing an older guy who’s really sweet and caring. He fucks me with a variety of toys from plugs to strap ons. I also like to wear really sexy lingerie sets. Makes me feel so sexy and horny and drives him wild. It’s not an everyday thing. We will hook up maybe once a month or 2 months . I love sex and like doing sexual things! It’s crazy but it’s the truth!

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