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I can’t wait to finish my degree and get the fuck out of this town. My gorgeous wife, daughter, and myself are so done with it. I’m going to college in some place that reminds me of a giant ass nursing home, or mentally ill hospital. The next broke ass black bitch to ask me for a McDonald’s sandwich is going to get a knuckle sandwich. I’m working extremely hard to fulfill my goals and meet my dreams at a reputable university, and this fat ass gorilla can’t work to grab a sandwich?
She’s probably like the rest of these nigger nobodies claiming white privilege while going around asking them for shit b/c she can’t be asked to work or fucking do something for herself to maintain some level of independence.

The university I’m going to has to be located near Washington DC, so there’s this huge ass demographic of darkies that never finished third grade, and they walk past successful white and Asian people with their Ph.D.’s regularly. Ugh… but since my wife and I are going to college, we have no choice but to remain in a shitty neighborhood as it’s the best we can afford while doing what’s required of us to be successful in life. I guess I’ll just have to keep my eyes on the prize. Once we graduate, we can live in one of the beautiful surrounding bedroom communities with a much lower demographic of these mother fuckers. Arrrrrrg! Please God let me graduate now!!!

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