• 1 year ago

I’m an Uber driver. I pick up this fair at a bar. This guy brings her to my car and said get her home and gave me an extra 20.00 . There was this Hot looking white girl with a nice ass and tits passed out drunk. He puts her in my car and off I go. About 5 blocks later I said she out cold ,who will know. So I pulled over jumped in the back and Laid the pipe good to her. Her pussy was so wet and good I cum 3 times in her before I was done. Dam good pussy . As I was fucking her her tits was falling out of her top I banged her so hard and she never woke up. Then I take her to her stop . I carry her to her porch and leave her there and ring the door bell and take off. That was 6 months ago . I park across the street some time to watch her come out of the house . I seen her yesterday her belly is real big. I must have knocked her up. I laugh because when the baby comes out and she tries to tell her boy friend its his . But its black baby. Ha,Ha,Ha.

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