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The first time I ever saw a woman naked over the internet was from the family computer.

I’m a guy, and I was somewhere around 5 or 7, around then I didn’t know much about sex or anything. I found myself in the living room, the family computer was in a corner with the screen facing the other side of the room. My dad was on it browsing the web at the time. I guess he thought I was asleep or wouldn’t/couldn’t see, but I definitely did.

I saw all kinds of women on the screen naked, two of which caught my eye. I can’t recall how they looked or anything, but I remember the position they were in. One was on her back with her legs spread in the air. These pics only showed them naked, no dicks or sex toys were involved. The other had a woman was in a doggy style position, looking back at the camera.

I ended up going to the master bathroom, taking my clothes off, and posed in those positions in front of a mirror on the door. I did this for awhile.

Months later I was laying on the floor as a movie was playing on the TV, in the living room. My mom and dad were on the couch, and probably assumed I was asleep. About halfway through a girl with blue skin straddled one of the main protagonists. I’m aware she’s a marvel (I think) character, but I can’t remember her name. The were both naked and he started saying things to her like “Big ass, Big Tits, etc. And as he said these things her body changed to his preference. I don’t recall the movie’s name, but I remember that scene was in it.

There were also multiple times when I found myself laying on the floor of the living room watching some movies such as I did then. That’s also when I got interested in horror movies, such as Scream & Jeepers Creepers.

I’m unsure if they thought I was asleep all those times, or if they didn’t care. I’ve never said anything about this to them or anyone else.

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  • So do you still pose in the positions you see women doing on the internet? Marvel movies are rated PG-13 and they aren’t going to show true nudity, or say big ass, or big tits. You must have just thought that is what you heard. It is a shame your parents never watched any R rated movies.

    Anonymous January 24, 2019 12:33 am Reply
    • Pose, no I don’t I only did for that one time.
      Marvel, it wasn’t a marvel movie it just used a marvel character or one similar to one if them.

      Anonymous January 24, 2019 12:44 am Reply
  • The movie you are remembering is called Epic Movie. Loved the scene you are talking about but my favorite was when the nude girl came out of the wardrobe. And oddly enough I always wanted to do the “crossing streams” thing too.

    Anonymous January 24, 2019 3:08 pm Reply

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