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Get out in the real world, or have a family of your own like I have, and you’ll see that unconditional love does exists. I know from experience. I love a man who is homeless and has nothing but the clothes on his back. I have been loved by a man who did everything for me that a lover does but was never interested in sex. Parents love their children unconditionally as well. This may sound crazy to you, but some of us really only want EACH OTHER, and would (and have) gladly sacrifice(d) anything and everything else. A PERSON is the GREATEST “addiction”. Nothing beats it.

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  • Put five of you in a room with no food for 7 days and you’ll see what this is you call “love.”

    Anonymous January 14, 2019 4:38 pm Reply
    • You falsely assume we’ve never been through this. We were living in an abandoned house for months, with no running water, heat, or electricity, in the winter time. During this time, we both went exactly 9 days without food. And guess what? We were still obsessed with each other. We weren’t even complaining. So nice try. Like I said, get out in the real world. Some of us already have.

      Anonymous January 14, 2019 4:41 pm Reply
      • Don’t even get me started on times with our kids. I have six of them.

        Anonymous January 14, 2019 4:42 pm Reply
  • My love is conditional. I’m a middle aged man and yeah. My love is strong it’s hard to break, but it can be broken. Everyone and everythng has a breakng point. You can’t love somebody who in the snap of a finger, after years, does a complete 180 and acts the opposite of love or worse, hostile and encourages other to be as well? Do you still love them then or eventually do you accept the fact that this is not a good person and they don’t like you or care for you much. Yeah maybe you did love them, but was it real, based on real? Was your love based on fake shit and was it real? Things you didn’t see? You also can’t continue to love somebody who kicks the living shit out of you physically or otherwise, especially when they do it with ease. You can I guess, and you might for a time but it’s foolish, unhealthy and you can help it. You can control who you love and who you don’t no matter how deep you are in it IF you are real with yourself. So love would be conditional there. A person would have to be a fool to love anyone in a situation like that. That’s weak and is what it means to have low self esteem and worth. IF you’re being real. Not saying that’s not what you have, and I dont really count family in that, it should a given, but relationships…. You need to be real and you can’t let people get away with things, especially hostility and malicious. People like that will take advantage of the fact that you let it go, so people you though you loved and they you, and do it again if you let them. It fucking hurts when people you thought cared a bit or respected enough, stab you in the back like that. Conditional.

    What if your husband left you at the drop of a hat for another homeless woman? What if he basically ghosted you and never spoke to you again. Say you run into each other and he acts like he never knew you. Give it 5 Or 10 years, you’ll eventually hate him. Less of you care about yourself.

    Anonymous January 14, 2019 9:47 pm Reply
    • And on a side note, if a friend of mine sacrificed me, for that what you have, 6 kids, a homeless guy, not eating for 9 days… alright, I still don’t want to know you, I wish I never met you, but you’re forgiven. Bye…

      Anonymous January 14, 2019 10:16 pm Reply

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