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I’m in desparate need of some advice on my situation. I’m a 21 yr old male. There’s a girl I’d like to keep around for a long time as I’ve never clicked with someone the way we click. We aren’t dating, and when I’ve brought up the idea she’s expressed that after some really bad relationships dating isn’t her thing anyway. However I feel way to attached to this girl to not be dating her. As we keep spending more time together it becomes hard for me to think of her with other guys. There are some romantic feelings between us as we have shared some really great kisses, but I’m not sure how to address them or what the next step is if there is one. I can almost guarantee that she doesn’t feel the same level of jealousy that I do when I’m with other girls, but I can’t help thinking about her a lot and I wish I could just be content with the way things are. I feel selfish in a way for wanting more than she appears to want out of our relationship.

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