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am sexually attracted to my colleague.. my wife suspects it and i am sorry.. i fantasise about her naked body next to me all the time.. pls forgive me

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  • Understandable and common. I had a petite, beautiful, sexy female business associate that I got along with so well that people and clients thought we were together or married. And, we looked good together (we were even in a local magazine who was taking photos at a business function we went to..formal attire, she in a red dress and me in a suit..Photog stopped us cold and said..You two look perfect together, give me a photo..next thing we knew, we were the feature photo for his story, arms around each other’s waists and smiling), which really made people think we were.

    My wife at the time knew how much time I spent with my associate, and was suspicious even though I offered to give her my associate’s phone number to text or call and confirm nothing was going on. At the same time, though..I wanted to make what everyone thought about us, true. I wanted to have sex with her, and lots of it. She was on my mind, in that way, every day and whenever we were together.

    Anonymous January 14, 2019 2:32 pm Reply

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