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ladybijontay on instagram has ghosted me, blocked, no-contact ordered me, isolated and estranged me from my 2 year old son ….my only child, for so long I don’t know what he looks like, what his voice sounds like nor have I even been able to see or talk to him since he started talking.

i’ve never even been able to put him to sleep or sing him a song.
i lost my mind. i lost my shit and i fucked up when i became sick from dealing with this psycho…. but i have never lied. you may way me to lie.. but right now.. this is all truth so help me god.
no man “deserves” to be locked out of his childs life – especially if the reason for going over the edge was your shit to begin with… all you had to do was stop flirting with all these dick heads and be fucking loyal and try to be a real mother and partner….
not someones counselor or “life coach” or psychic or whatever… when you couldnt even see that your friend was catfishing you from 20 different facebook and gmail accounts for 7 years…. psychic….

not even fucking photos or a merry christmas or even a thank you for sending money ( money that was gifted to me while homeless and sleeping behind dumpsters so i could eat and get clean untorn clothes….. ) when fact is i have been living on literally less than $4,000 for a year while recovering from having my life and head fucked up while trying to pull her from various fires she set for herself when she was pregnant. she wants to call me a “narcissist” and any other label that sounds good and frees her from having to deal with her own criminal and mentally ill behavior.

her family went no contact with her child molesting ass father Art Perret but she continued to talk to him ( and still does ) for money… lunch dates with alcoholic pedophile dad for cash behind moms back.. to support your catfishing ass friend to the tune of $2000 a month?
… that’s totally normal right?

she has absolutely no problem posting photos of my child online to help her get likes on instagram but doesnt have the decency to let my boy see photos of me and will block or rename her account when she gets wind that people know she is full of shit.

elise you love instagram because you want attention, here… have all the attention you can get.

she loves black african dick, new age hippy bullshit, acting indian, $500 magic wands and cried over some wanna be director jackass named shenpenn khymsar who supposedly raped her while carrying my baby… so she says he raped her at least… though in reality she was probably just cheating on her husband. he denies it. they are both liars and thieves though so it doesnt matter. at the time she was fucking shenpenn while married to boujou badialy ladybijontay / surya devi / surya devi music / elise surya / surya elise / elise jene was giving handjobs to married men on a website called seekingarrangements and hiding this activity from her family while borrowing tens of thousands from them, friends and her massage clients…

she stole from a fundraiser for disaster victims in nepal and used the money for her personal music projects and to give her friend gaia subren / janine nerbus in vancouver, bc who catfished and conned her for 7 years and convinced her that some guy named “Sid Awakens” was communicating with her telepathically from a cave in Afghanistan. “gaia” completely manipulated her and lived in her closet at her moms house for 2 weeks pissing in a yogurt container, elise hid the woman from her mom in her own house.
ruined my life and drove me beyond insane, suicidal and homicidal after getting her out of the mess she got herself into.
her family bails her out repeatedly, ignores the damage she does to herself and others while enabling her erratic destructive behavior because she acts “holy” and runs around changing her name to Surya Devi… a white chick from a rich neighborhood acting like she is indian and dancing around with african men because she is ashamed of being white.

but of course… i am the problem.
she also took my cat and gave it away to someone i dont know.
i knew that cat longer than her and loved him.
i also love my son
one day i am going to be beheaded in kashmir, probably within the year because i have nothing left to live for and was hospitalized for a STEMI heart attack last year she doesnt even know about.

she got pissed that i outed her and continue to because i have had no contact with my only child since she deems “i dont deserve to see him or know anything about him until i get ‘deliverance’ for my anger”… my anger is BECAUSE of her insane shit and the absolute batshit people i have crossed like her over the past few years. mostly broken and bitter mentally ill women who blame ALL men for their problems. they are running a hate group against me on facebook, actually they turned a group message i created to discuss my therapy into an attack platform and bonded over how much the men in their lives suck. i witnessed the ring leader stephanie martens of austin texas let her 2 year old daughter get piss drunk and her autistic son look up porn. but of course… i am the one who needs cops called on and “shouldnt be around kids”…
cause ya know all men are evil..
especially men like me who used to hunt pedophiles, work for & train with federal and state law enforcement regularly and protect kids FOR A LIVING…..

BUT… like shawna bowman of plano texas says… “he aint ever work for no fbi” — fucking drug addict idiot.

LEO.. ya’ll know damn well how to reach me by phone and email… i am still in the IG DB..
i know i have fucked up and am no longer in the fold… i wish i hadnt lost my shit – i am sorry for this. I think we all know I am no threat. angry.. pissed beyond belief and betrayed on a level that probably would send most men to the gun shop— or a guy w my background building bombs on multi-witness network enabled deadman switches and making BZ in a shed in the mountains… but thats not me luckily and i am still doing good work with what little i have to work with. fighting bad guys to my last breath….
i’m fucked anyway but i wont let my anger take me down a dark path.

to me, i am dead anyway.. and i know ya’ll want me dead.. so soon. but not yet and not until i leave a legacy behind that my son will be proud of and also leave a good amount of evidence and notes for him to help piece together what the fuck happened when he is older and trying to unravel the mindfuck his mother is and will continue to do to him

people like this —- are why men walk outside and shoot people in the streets.

i am not going that route. you will say — you did this to yourself… you will say— not my problem — you will say– how dare you.. this is the ULTIMATE betrayal.. as you have said…

no.. taking a mans son is the ULTIMATE betrayal…. enjoy the attention.
thanks for at least not having hurt or killed my poor boy, i hope he is safe and i miss him.
you… you’re not cute. and you’re not too bright…
you did THIS to YOURSELF…. goddess my ass.
you took my child – yeah i got sick… from you and what hurts is i loved you.
but you’re just an actress.
enjoy being famous then.

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  • This story is crazy! How does she still have custody? You sound like you somewhat had your shit together at one point. Do you need legal help? Have you tried any free resources? Fathers are important in a child’s life and she should feel lucky you want anything to do with her and that kid. I’m sorry man.

    Anonymous January 12, 2019 9:49 am Reply
  • Damn, OP don’t kill yourself, your son needs you. I thought I had problems.
    You can’t blame her for falling for that shit in that headspace I guess, seems sorta fucked up on all accounts. Work on you. Then find someone else and be there for your kid.

    Anonymous January 12, 2019 10:35 am Reply
  • Hey bro BC Punjab here! 😀
    Look this chick is probably schizoid and was likely looking for a handout when you got with her.

    It sucks about your son but pull your act together and fight her tooth and nail. I think you have a case even though the courts usually side with the mother.

    Gather evidence to show in court that she has delusional and reckless tendencies as you claim or can show history of financial mismanagement because of whatever her mental health problems are and you may have some leverage. Google the nanaimo mens centre or least lawyer up somehow and fight for your child bro!
    This is some crazy drama but like when you are better find you a sane female role model for your him and love that woman the way you want him to his wife one day. He’s looking up to you even if the mom is playing mind control games right now.
    Be stronger and more patient than her bro!

    If you are the guy who I think you are in one of her IG photos its really obvious that you love this child a lot. My ex screwed me around and I let her beat me while I was down and depressed bro. Don’t make the same mistake. Women like this take advantage of men. It’s just what they do so don’t be vulnerable to her.

    Do you have relatives or friends who may be able to help or might be able to do something in terms of sharing custody and getting access from her? Look into it ok.

    Sorry someone like this is keeping you from bonding with your own blood out of spite. Get counseling and heal. She is probably a narcissist and alot of other things herself and in denial or blind to it. Chicks love throwing terms like that around these days that they either do not understand or think will make them look like a perfect helpless abused victim until they push the next dude over the line and fuck that guy over.

    In this case though the next guy getting fucked over is going to be your son. And bro just looking at her IG she looks fake as fuck and like a typical conceited yoga chick poser trying to come off brown n spiritual. Typical gori biting off of our pakora. Just blue eyed vampires and colonizers bro. Clear your head and keep looking up!

    Anonymous January 12, 2019 3:24 pm Reply
    • same
      had a granola fiancee like this who wanted to be poly which basically meant cheat
      the sex was lackluster but she kept us blazed so that was cool
      stds were not cool
      hooked up w her hot sister b4 we broke up tho heehee

      Anonymous January 12, 2019 11:02 pm Reply
  • dude what a bitch!

    Anonymous January 15, 2019 5:43 am Reply
  • who saw this on 4chan????!

    Anonymous January 15, 2019 6:25 am Reply
  • uhm. who gave birth? she did. she really can’t be that bitchy, sorry.

    Anonymous January 16, 2019 3:39 am Reply
    • sounds pretty bitchy as well as crazy to me … ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

      Anonymous January 17, 2019 1:06 pm Reply
  • I feel obligated to reply to this since I used to see this couple regularly at a coffeeshop I worked at a while back. They stood out and were hard to forget. It seemed like the only time the mom would even let the father be around his own baby was when she needed something from him. You could always see the stress and tears on the his face and she was on another planet on her phone most of the time and stuck up to boot. We always said she going to force the poor man to commit suicide one day.

    She treated him like a slave in public and I personally watched him wait on her and their newborn hand and foot for hours on end without even a thank you from her. This girl has a soulless quality in her eye in person and it breaks my heart because the guy would wait patiently all day at our store to see his baby and she would always flake on him. I would watch him walking home alone crying with this dark cloud hanging over him and I never liked her.

    My few conversations with her involved telling her to pay attention to her toddler while she was texting in line. Genuinely not impressed by her as a person having interacted with her as a customer on multiple occasions. I don’t want to pass judgement but everything here sounds in line with what I witnessed in public and am not surprised by these facts.

    Its so sad things have turned out like this for you man and sorry I never made it to the church you kept inviting me to. Good luck wherever you are and I hope you get to see your baby again one day.

    Anonymous January 23, 2019 10:56 pm Reply
  • 66,805 views my ass. There shouldn’t be more than a few hundred views at most. There aren’t enough people here to get that many views. FAKE NEWS!!!

    Anonymous January 27, 2019 8:45 pm Reply
    • EVERY post with thousands of views should get a THUMBS DOWN on every visit here. Those kinds of number are SIMPLY IMPOSSIBLE for the number of views!!!

      Anonymous January 28, 2019 7:47 pm Reply

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