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I am confessing under a Truth because quite frankly I don’t know where else to place it. I am 39, I am not 14 or anything like that. I will admit that my childhood was not pleasant, my father is overbearing and quite unlikeable and my mother has put up with him all her adult life. I am not the only daughter and we are all screwed up.

Well to my confession, I got assigned to this department. This man, my new supervisor, on the day I was presented to him in his office had me stand up, and twirl in front of him, come around to the side of his desk and let him see. All this in front of the HR associate that was taking me around to meet the people in the department I was assigned to. She did not say anything, she just stood by while he examined me.

One day I walk into his office and she is there and she is standing beside his chair behind the desk. His hand is up her dress. She pulls away and her dress falls back, she is totally ashamed, embarrassed. But he is not, he tells me to shut the door and then gives me a lecture on minding my own business, he tells me that she is a fine piece of ass and if I was a fine piece of ass he would fuck me too. I was so shocked, he told me to stand straight, not to move when he was talking to me, he wanted tits so to hold my shoulders back and give him tits. He finished by telling me that he was going to fuck me, that was all and to go back to my desk and do my job and mind my own business.

I was trembling, scared, and when I got back to my desk I realized that I was completely wet, embarrassed and wet. From then on his voice was enough to get me wet, if he touched my shoulder I lost my breath, when he called me to his office I went and stood there until given permission to sit. When he told me to come over to him and lean over to kiss him I did exactly what he said. When he took me to an apartment he rented in town I went. When he told me that on second thought I was a fine piece of ass, not as fine as she was but fine enough, good enough to fuck I said thank you.

I am 39 now and I work for him. My counter part, the lady from HR moved on from the company. For whatever reason we get together from time to time, we do compare notes and we have a similar personality. I am like my mother. I will never leave him and I don’t believe for a minute that she has left him either. I know she hasn’t and I would never ask her.

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  • You should have confessed under “a lie”

    Anonymous January 10, 2019 4:14 pm Reply
    • Exactly.

      Nice try with your jerk-off fiction, OP.

      Anonymous January 11, 2019 8:39 am Reply

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