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Maybe things will get better if I just die or go into a coma . I’ve had enough, I honestly had enough of everything . I’ve had enough and I just quit, i give up . Fuck it fuck me and fuck everything else. Screw the day I was born in.
I’m someone who doesn’t deserve to be loved. I’m a waste of time and oxygen. I hate myself so much and I wish if I was never born. I wish I died when I was younger. I can’t end my life now cuz I’m scared of what’s hidden but I give up. I’m not going to fight anymore I’m not going to do anything . Ever since I was young I’ve seen nothing but sadness and sorrow and problems all the time . When I smile for just a second something bad happens right after it’s just that life isn’t for me I don’t deserve it .
I hate myself . I wish I was never here

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