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I have a habit of picking up crazy, attractive women at the sports bar I go to, mostly out of competition of sorts with other guys. Will see a hot or good-looking woman talking with a guy who she’s definitely not with, just chatting with, and take it as a personal challenge to get her to me and reel her in.

While this doesn’t sound bad or abnormal, the main thing is..They’re all crazy, life-troubled, on multiple meds, and/or generally unstable. Still, I see it as a “win” to draw them away from other guys and to me, usually leaving with them for sex. Did it again last night, actually with a cute, petite, but nutty blonde I’d met before. Knew she was nutty, but, she’s also very attractive, hands-on (her red-nailed fingers were inside of my shirt fairly quickly), and I was up for a win. Bought her a drink, along with one for me, went outside with her twice while she smoked, got physical out there, then decided..Let’s go. I paid the bill and hauled her hot little ass to my house and bed.

Guess what gets me is, this reeling in crazy women seems to keep happening, mostly for that “win” aspect, to steal them from other guys.

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