• 2 years ago

Man this girl I’ve been crushing on for a long time who’s a grade above me sends mixed messages all the time. We’re super close but she used to call me “bromie” it’s a play on “brother and homie”. One time she texted me out of the blue after a party we were at with “I freakin love you”. My heart raced and I texted back with “let’s keep it face to face” because I know how online relationships work out. A couple days pass and I don’t get any texts back. I knew she wasn’t drunk because there wasn’t any alchohol and that she isn’t that type of person. The next time I saw her I hugged her and she didn’t seem to bring up any of the texts she sent me. I was so confused, maybe she friendzoned me? After that I text and we go back and forth and I completely took the message the wrong way and I even admitted that I thought it had a different meaning. After that incident we’ve still stuck close but recently she hasn’t called me brother at all and I notice she’s more physical than normal. Always play fighting with me or asking for a hug. She’s a junior and I’m a sophomore, I even joined JROTC to try and get classes with her. What should I do, I don’t want to ask her out then she’ll never like me again, I don’t want to ruin what I already have. If I don’t ask someone else could cuff her up and it’d be over. Honestly at this point I feel like she doesn’t like me the way I think she does and I don’t know what I should do.

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