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There is a person that I like. He lives in a foreign country. I sent him a parcel a while ago. I went through so much trouble to make it perfect. And I made innovative ideas to surprise him. And I wrote short notes & letters to make it personal along with the gifts. When he received it , he had no idea that I liked him. And after a month he also sent me a parcel. I confessed my love to him some days earlier. And then I stopped contacting from him to move on. Today I got the parcel. There were too many candies because I told him I liked candies. But there is no handwritten letter or anything. I was really expecting a letter. Now I’m sitting with candies that I loved & realized that although I love candies ; I feel heartbroken. It showed that he cared less. And I feel very upset. I know I should be happy that he sent something but materialistic things are not reallly helping me here. I needed something to remember him by. I wanted a letter. I so damn wanted him to write something to me in his own hands. How could he not ?

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