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So you know how parents keep secrets from kids a lot of the time? Like that there adopted or something? You know how usually THE PARENTS tell the kid when they get OLDER? Well my parents kept a secret from me for around maybe eight years and THEY aren’t even the ones who told me. It was my grandma that told me this and she thought I ALREADY KNEW!!! I didn’t and I don’t understand why my parents didn’t tell me. I am 15 years old now so I think they should have told me this by now but they didn’t and they haven’t. They don’t know I know this secret. Yet. Guess what they hid from me all these years? That in second grade, my school wanted my father to put me into a asylum. Now yes I’m happy he didn’t put me in one but I’m also a bit mad he didn’t and I hate that school. Now let me tell you why they wanted to do this. So I had this teacher that everyone called Mr.stricter and yes he was strict. He mainly targeted me because I would get upset easily so he liked to pick on me. He was a bad teacher to. The worst teacher I ever had. He would barely teach use anything and 90% of the things we learned was from Bill Nye the Science Guy. He wouldn’t shush the class even if it was testing and we where in the halls like he was supposed to do! The class was ALWAYS load and one day I thought about plugging my ears like in cartoons. I didn’t have any gotten so i decided to use pepper towels. I figured the smaller they where, the more squished they where, and the farther I pushed them in my ears, the less id hear. I was right but they ended up getting stuck and when I went to the nurse I pushed them so far that they couldn’t see them with those ear things!!!! Everyone thought I was just going to the nurse to mess with those ring water toys again which id do to get away from my class and they where stuck in there until I was 12. I was 7 at the time. Any way now to the real re son I got in trouble and almost sent to a asylum. You know those clip charts where green was the best, yellow was ok, and red was the worst? Well I would always get clipped down to red and my father told me earlier that day that if I got one more red id be grounded. The whole day was great until it was the end of the day and we where gonna go home. I noticed I was on yellow and I begged Mr.stricter to clip me up. He didn’t let me and soon I gave up. I went and told my friend the situation and I said to them “Well at least I’m on yellow! My dad said if I was on red id get grounded!” My teacher heard me from across the room and shouted across the class ” ANNON CLIP DOWN TO RED!!!” and every ones head turns my way. My friend even had a face of disbelief. I was shocked for a second and tears started to roll down my face. And I went to go clip down but I froze and my sadness started to turn into anger. I slammed the nearest chair down to the floor to express my anger and then I just snapped. I threw two chars across the room at my teacher as tears rolled down my face and I gritted my teeth in anger. It wasn’t fair at all! Apparently Mr.stricter blew this little lock down whistle teachers had to tell other teachers to lock down and he locked me in. I just hid under a table when I realized I was in really bad trouble and I just curls up into a ball and cried. Later the principals came in and took me to their office and I cried more. That whole thing is the reason I need to take pills now. And its so stupid. I hated that school and I hated that teacher so fucking much.

I’m going to make a second part about this since its getting long. I’ll sign it so everyone knows which one is the second part.

Nyan part one.

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