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Since you all seem so inquisitive here’s a little taste of what is down the rabbit hole, and so follow the continuity of such evidence to ultimately where it leads:

“KGB defector Yuri Bezmenov’s warning to America”
“Asian immigrant schools americans on gun control at public hearing on gun violence”
“15 Years Later: Never Forget 9/11 crimes were never thoroughly investigated…”
“Ronald Bernard, revelations by an insider Part 1”
Ronald Bernard, revelations by an insider Part 1 (NL/ENG/FR/FIN/ES) – YouTube
Wired magazine’s “Flow of transnational organized crime” info-graphs (look at the receiving & shipping central hub on that map for all of the world, and remember Ronald’s Bernard’s words from the previous video):
For you guys, personally, in general (mainly her):
“Jordan Peterson – Why Wish Your Enemies well”
Word, internet’s dad. Word. What I wish to impart to, but then what ultimately happens at the hands of crowds (both below). Yet even a prisoner can be an example to his tyrants.
“Braveheart Freedom Speech (HD)”
“Braveheart 1995 – Freedom Scene Full – Full HD”
The weak will always be ruled by the cruel (humanly speaking), and those who encourage otherwise will ultimately become the target of the mob of such tyrants. Even amongst our own, and so everyone has to be on guard against becoming such. We must test ourselves as much as we question others, and not fall for rhetoric but rather truth. “Facts” can be manipulated, but truth remains the same. A faulty premise leads to a faulty argument, but some people want to make a faulty argument because they have fallen prey to tyrants or have become one themselves. Follow the money, and follow the energy. You will find the intent, and never go wrong in the end. Currently, the left foot and the right foot take turns treading upon the people, but they are both going the direction that the head wants. The body does not think, but only obeys. When unhealthy the body will even protect a cancer, and so if the cancer is in the head…the head institutes compartmentalization where the left-hand does not know what the right hand is doing in order to fool the body, and vice versa. Divide, and conquer. Do you see where I’m going with this all? They are ultimately camping, in video game terms. Just with world powers, and money is what makes the world go round.

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