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My wife and I divorced because we were cheating on each other. She quickly moved on to other c*cks and I made no effort to meet people and am still isolated, lonely and now desperate. When I learn details, especially names, of people she’s f*cking, my instant reaction is to feel jealous and possessive. She’s really not a prize to take to mom or your going out friends. I am that isolated, lonely and possessive that years later I’m like this. She even brought up the idea that I will have to live with her and our kid because she’s getting evicted and can’t afford to live alone. I think I’ll be getting re-acquainted with the public library. My son still has 7 years until he graduates high school. My life is pretty sad. I’m a criminal with a mental illness so I’ve already pissed off everyone I’ll ever know and their friends and family, so my life plan is to let myself live until I’m done living. That is the entirety of my life. If I ever let myself get close to my ex then I will never forgive myself. Fortunately she’s moved on to guys with bigger packages. Don’t ask my how I know. She practically spelled it out to me. I have to go to work tomorrow and I have to express all this just to relax. Sad.

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