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At my last job I worked for over 3 years making pizzas. Somewhere around 2 years I started hooking up with one of my shift supervisors. She’s a couple years older than me, We went to high school together. She’s 5″1 chubby build with big ass and huge tits (we’ll call her tits). We would fuck out back or in the office after work. Or the occasional home visit which are the best. Along with her sucking my cock in the walk in or storage room or me sucking on her enormous tits any chance we got. So we were, are and remain fuck buddies even though she has a kid and is with the dad still, and me having been with a girl and now with another girl who I’ll probably marry one day. Then after the three year mark I found a better job. So I put my two weeks in and I’m feeling ballzy so i put another one of my older shift supervisors on the spot. She’s like 36 with 6 kids and between relations (we’ll call her milf). Anyways its me my fuck buddy and my older sup closing. Me and tits had plans to fuck after work already but I got a better ideah. I was in the store room by the back door while milf was smoking a cig and taking out the trash out back and tits was in the office doing the books. I got the bright ideah to pull out my cock and start jerking it to get semi hard behind my apron. Then I went out back to milf and said something like can you help me with this and pulled back the apron. She looked down and smiled and grabbed me and immediately came in close to me while holding me. She would always tease me sexually so now it was put up or shut up. She said really now? I kissed her neck from behind as she held me and told her yes did some heavy neck breathing and groping befor heading back to finish closing. I told tits the excuse that milf was gonna give me weed after work. She was let down but whatever. Milf and I climb into the back of her suv, she asked what about my GF. I tell her I loved my GF but I love her too. She laughs and she starts sucking my cock and I feel bad for cheeting but it’s just so hot hooking up with these hot slutty milfs. So Milf is about 5″4 bit of a muffin top and a bit worn out but she had a nice little body an a hot wet pussy that I’ll never forget. We did it missionary at first she sqeeled and moaned and loved my cock. Then I bent her over and slammed into her little ass until I pulled out and came all over her ass cheeks. We cleaned up and she drove me home and I snuck a goodnight kiss. That was the first and last time me and milf hooked up. I still see her around. Now I’ve been at my new job for nearly a year and a half. Ive been with my GF for 2 going on 3 years (yes the same girl that I was seeing when I got the new job). She is so perfect and I love her with all my heart. But I till talk to tits and we still hook up on the sly. I also have sexual thoughts about pretty much every girl I see. I just love sex and I’m honestly amazing at it and I think all women are beautiful and deserve some amazing dick. If there’s a hell ill probably be there for being a cheating POS to my future wife. I think I’m a sex addict. Whelp YOLO.

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  • Yeah, your girlfriend does not deserve this. You need to get help.

    Anonymous April 20, 2018 9:59 pm Reply

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