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I was 13 and I was heavily bullied and abused in school. I had a sister who was 10 years of age at that time. I was literally getting beaten every single day and every day, going to school was literally a frightening experience. I’m a loner and I didn’t share this with my parents, my parents knew it somehow but didn’t mind asking me about it. Every single day I thought of what is wrong with me and I couldn’t find anyone answer. I was mentally hijacked with many things. I know about sex but I didn’t know what really happens in sex completely. One day, when me and my sister were fighting each other for something I do not remember. I was trying to grab something from her and she turned the turned the other side. I found myself in a situation where I was rubbing my penis in her ass and I couldn’t control. My penis got really hard, I realized that and I grabbed that thing from her very aggressively and put it in my pocket. We were little poor family so we weren’t afforded to buy new clothes often, so almost all my pants pocket had at least one hole. I put that thing in my one pocket and walked away. I thought she wouldn’t dare take it from me, usually, she would just leave and complaint to mother when I’m too aggressive because I was too strong for her. I turned back and started walking, but she came from my back and put her hands inside my pocket. The thing was in my other pocket. She almost instantly grabbed my turned on penis. It was a shock for me and her, she just grabbed it and didn’t move for a while, then she slowly took her hand staring deep into my eyes. I didn’t know what to think. She smiled at me and I too smiled back out of shame. She burst out laughing and went. It was a silent weird day to pass by. The next day was a weekend. That afternoon, my parents went to sleep and we decided to watch a 3D movie on the TV. We sat nearby, closer than we normally sit. I became too horny that I could no more control. I peaked at her dress and legs for the first time. I couldn’t stop doing it. I slowly put my hands around her neck. She didn’t look at me. Occasionally went near to see what is her reaction. She didn’t stop me from doing anything. I kissed her cheeks and said I love you. We usually kiss at cheeks. This time was not brotherly love and she knew it. She kissed back at my cheeks and looked at my eyes than to TV. I put my hands on her thighs and she immediately stopped it. I got confused. I went near her face, she was still looking at the TV, I licked her neck. I looked at her for reaction, there was no much reaction on her face. Then I licked at her neck again for a little longer and looked at her, she turned her face and looked at me. I kissed her on the mouth. We both were kissing weirdly but it was a very intense experience. Then I started kissing her rigorously. I got up and put my legs on either side and started licking and kissing all around her face. She asked me to remove my shirt, I removed and she, to my surprise, started licking my nipples and chest. It was a great feeling. I removed her very short too, she literally didn’t have any boobs, a small pop up was there, I licked that and she really enjoyed it more than I expected. I still remember, she started mourning like an adult and she was just 10 at that time. I licked more and more on both her nipples. Then I licked her stomach and went down. She had a little loose trouser, I removed it and I remember she had a pink underwear. Her thighs looked perfect like it is some kind of an art. I desperately removed her underwear, saw her beautiful vagina and almost immediately put my mouth to it. I still remember that smell of her vagina. She started mourning like anything. I was afraid if our parents would wake up but I didn’t mind. I was too desperate to put my mouth in that pussy as much as I can. My mouth was literally watering because of it. I spend enough time licking it and rubbing my whole face in it until she asked me to stop, she immediately asked me to lower my pants. I didn’t put any underwear, so as soon as I lowered, my penis popped up. She immediately put my penis in her mouth. I still didn’t understand how she came to know all these. I thought I was the only one obsessed with naked women. There were only pictures at those time and that too if you are lucky. Her mouth was very soft on my hard penis and it was warm. A warmness I’ll never ever forget in my whole life. She licked it imperfectly but it was a heaven to me. I was enjoying every bit of it. She licked my balls too, she spend too much time on my balls. I didn’t expect that. Then she raised my balls and licked the area under my balls. Now I got the pattern, by doing this, she wanted me to lick her butt too. She spends time under my balls and I got the fantasy of her butt, now I can’t wait to taste it. My mouth again started watering. I’ve seen her butt before but I thought it was gross at those times, now thinking about butt seems heaven to me. She didn’t stop her licking there, she again turned to my penis and she licked all over. Her saliva was literally spilling on the ground. I understood that she too wanted it desperately. I allowed her to meddle it with how much ever she wants. I got orgasm two times there and still, she didn’t stop. She was licking like she was hungry for it. Finally, I stopped her and asked her to show her vagina again. She immediately spread her legs for the first ever time. Before I was licking her vagina, her legs were closed. It seemed she was too shy to open her legs. Now she did it without even asking for it. I could see inside her vagina for the first time, I went near it, before touching it in my mouth, I smelled it, put my nose inside it and rubbed my nose in it, then I slowly started licking it. She started mourning like she is in pain. I looked at her immediately. She pushed my head back into her pussy, I welcomed that decision and started licking it again. While licking it, I thought I’ll try to put my tongue inside it. I did it with great difficulty, I could taste a salty thing inside, it was her drops of urine but I enjoyed that. Her moan got louder. She lied down with her legs wide opened than before. I licked her vagina and slowly went to her butt. Finally, I tasted her butt. I doubted her butt was not clean for a moment, but it was impeccably clean there. I licked there with pleasure and tried to put my mouth inside it too. Then I started going from vagina to butthole and butthole to vagina. After a very long time, I was so passionate that time that I wish I was that passionate now. I could see she got orgasm many times. I could feel the pulse in her vagina many times and she was enjoying every bit of it. Then she stopped me, and asked me to show my penis, I showed and she licked it rigorously. The moment she put my penis into her mouth, I could feel her immense saliva and the warmth of her saliva. I got orgasm multiple times again. She wasn’t ready to stop it. Then I took my penis and put near her vagina, rubbed it into her soft vagina but I wasn’t sure whether to put it inside or not. I can still remember that sensation of my penis when I touched her pussy. I pushed my penis a little bit inside and she told me to stop. I stopped, thinking that’s not the thing to do.

It was the only time we did, after that we stopped and became normal and had never ever talked about it. I don’t regret it not I’m proud of it. I went through many things in my life, now I’m a powerful man and a man of clarity. So whatever my past is, it made me the man I’m today. In my past, I thought about it and regretted, but I overcame and understood that what had happened cannot ever be changed.

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