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Excuse me for sounding like a weaboo, but I think I’m a little closer to yandere than most people. I get jealous easily, which can be normal… But I am very possessive. Friends belong to me and cannot have their own friends. Anything that can be considered mine should remain mine and mine alone forever, no one else can have it.
I got a crush. She wrote notes on a paper for a class I missed, a full written copy of what she had before. I felt so blessed and special. I wanted to consume it… So her gift could be a part of me… Mmm…
Another time, with a separate crush, my friend got a little too close to him… And without any control- I punched her. She laughed it off but… I almost felt bad. But she knew I liked him. She shouldn’t touch him. Talk to him. Look at him.
I may have a new crush, someone who is my very best friend, I think. I get mad at the simplest things… Like her not responding right away…
I contain myself, I do not message her about it. But … the anger is still there. I cannot help checking social media to see if she’s active there… possibly just ignoring me…

As we are both artists, we have characters that interact. I decided to purchase a custom doll of her character and it recently came in the mail. Here I am now, writing this, and holding the doll between my breasts, rubbing it against my skin. I want my oils leeched into this before she receives it. I am not yet positive if I like her… But I want her to want me. I will make her want me.

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  • Wow I wish i could know more about you

    Anonymous March 14, 2018 12:23 pm Reply

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