• 1 week ago

Another trick she used to pull that would get me would be to see me coming, knowing no will end up behind the wall she is sitting at, get out of her chair, cut me off and the gaze into me eyes… and give me info I need, but don’t.

I used to love that. I used to wonder why? It could be many reasons. She liked my eyes. I have experienced it my entire life, believe me. It could have been that. Maybe she was looking for dilation? In case she didn’t get it, she didn’t get a read, yes I like you. Maybe she was talking to me, sending telepathic messages? I loved seeing her pretty face.

I should have given her more. I showed her less than I actually felt, for various reasons. I gave less than what she gave me, but I felt more than I gave. I just couldn’t do anything for a multitude of reasons.

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