• 1 week ago

One time (of many that really sticks out for me was on a super foggy day, I mean super thick fog. I was sending a plane out. I had to stand there in front of a plane with its props running in the thickest fog ever. The one or two guys who technically should be with me, are inside. This girl, whos job is not to stand out there, stood there beside me in this fog. Everyone else who was obligated to stay, left and she who was not obligated stood there with me.

She was just standing there, right beside me, I could see her looking over at me. I made a comment “MY HAIR IS SOAKED!!!..” because it was from the fog. She goes “I know so is mine ///shakes her head/// it’s a mess :)….”

It was as if the fog had done something to her. It turned her on. It seemed like the opportune time, I should have even kissed her. I thought about it in the moment, but I didn’t. For plenty of reasons, none of them having to do with her. I really liked her. How could I not? Standing there with me was just ome example, but ya know. Cameras everywhere. I’m 43, shes 21. The big lady is friends with her mother, and I wasn’t well liked by a few people there. People who definitely would have something something about it.

But that was one of those times, it’s like wow. I think it’s really hot if she was turned on by the idea of us in heavy fog dripping soaked, wanting a kiss, IF that’s what she was thinking. It was a sweet gesture to stand there with me like she did. Just that was great. It could probably have been more. I think in the moment it would have been hot. I don’t know if the crew would have been “awwww how romantic…” or written us up?

Beautiful girl. That was a sexy notion.

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