• 2 weeks ago

i am sick of this. i can tell you the aboriginals have always had a voice. they have their own minister and dept and they have been advising govt all along. they are right now. so what is the difference. some words on a constitution and yet no one here really has rights. if they have a referendum everyone should that includes everyone’s rights in a bill of rights not just aboriginal rights. we currently have no bill of rights so that is what the referendum really should be about for everyone not just them. just cuz you have a voice doesn’t mean people will listen . people rarely listen to me. so they will find out it will be as ineffectual as what they have right now. I think this is all one huge scam. It can’t be proven they were first here . It could be Indonesian hobbit like small footed and small people as they were in cairns and also found in nz. it could be other people. we need a law that is about now and not 2000 years ago. their law is not for everyone and makes no sense. it would be like trying to impose a law from Zimbabwe or Thailand on us now. the money for campaigning could be put to hospitals and homes for people who need it in their culture and all people inclusive of all . not just 1 culture but all. they want to own england and uk and everywhere else . they don’t want equal they want more then everyone else. which most white humble people actually have less all along in history if you look. england was walked over by the romans and nords and greeks and all of em. so why are white people suffering this shaming anyway? if all the blacks have more ties to england then us whites stop the shit and just go there.

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