• 3 weeks ago

My crush for 9 years-

Your making me crazy without realizing it. I need you ‘M’. This distance is making me lose my mind and surrender to your lingering essence even if it drains me out completely. As long as it’s from you then i dont mind.If it’s not from you, I don’t want it.

I’m completely crazy for you, M. Sometimes I wonder if you ever get curious about sites like these ,scroll through them and see the trails of hints I leave out for you. Even though this is anonymous and I could say you’re full name so you would know I’m talking about you, but that’s just too easy and not as fun, you know? 🙂

After all, in my last update post, I gave a bigger clue and hint that you’re two years older than me,that you’re name starts with a ‘M’ ,your 34 and that I’ve had a crush on since 2014. I mentioned that in the last post since someone thought I was talking about a ‘Milo’ who was 9 years old when it was definitely not that haha.

In a weird way, I imagine you reading through these and you figure it out that I’m really talking about you. Maybe either your heart races in nervous panic,fear and disgust of the thought of a crazed girl like me having such detailed, intrusive thoughts of you..or maybe a little freaked out yet flattered in a way.

Or..maybe it strangely turns you on reading through these different posts about you and the thought of me on my knees bending to your will,having power and control over my helpless ,submissive self.

Shutting up my voice throne with your stiff neck,unable to grasp it as it slips further in my voice…gazing up at you with my innocent green/hazel eyes ,lured in by your dark brown eyes looking down at me,biting your lips..groaning in your deep voice with your dark hair leaning over your face a bit…gripping my hair so tightly that the veins on your hands and arms become more prominent than they already were…

You have no idea how much I want you, M.

(Oh! I tried transferring the code to text in the last post,what I got was “The brown fox jumps over 13 lazy pigs”)

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