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NASA is not actual science. It is unreliable. Government run and operated for big $$$. NASA is a corporation and it is owned and operated by the Military Industrial Complex composed of lots of big corporations.

Science is what they say it is. In fact one of the WEF Elite was on the news weeks ago saying, “We own the science”. She went on to explain that the WEF must be the ones to decide what the science says. They will interpret it by deciding which studies will be accepted and which will be rejected. All other views must be expunged.

Use Bing and search: “We own the Science”. See for yourself. Google censors results.

There are many many articles and videos showing NASA fraud and their fantastic budget $$$.

NASA has largest movie sound-stage in the world.
ht tps://newtube.app/user/Wes_Hamel/OKzGFFu

Astronauts are just actors.
ht tps://newtube.app/phiroc/vJlRX5R

Astronauts are Liars.
ht tps://newtube.app/user/ClickHere/2JIHvUO

Go to Newtube.c om and use the search to look up terms like:
green screen
space station
flat earth

There are lots of videos showing OBVIOUS discrepancies in what their Elite science tells you and what turns out to be true. You may not agree with every video but what is presented should make you THINK!

After seeing the second, third, fourth FAKE from NASA then you must ask yourself just how much else are they lying about?

When you see astronauts dropping things and quickly catching them before they hit the floor then you KNOW they are not in a weightless environment.

When you see the space station and the stars on video with the stars moving in the background and you see those stars move right through the space station then you KNOW it’s FAKE. You can’t see the light of stars through a solid space station. It is CGI and they made a mistake.

When you see bubbles around the astronauts then you KNOW it is FAKE and actually filmed under water. There are videos that show that.

Take a look. Educate yourself. Expand your knowledge. As Shakespeare said, “All the world is a stage.’ It’s FAKE! Loads and loads of FAKE bullshit.